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SQL Tips

A few tips useful for your Sql Query…

Update with a join:

   1: UPDATE MyTable

   2: SET Column = NewValue

   3: FROM MyTable

   4: INNER JOIN OtherTable ON MyTable.Key = OtherTable.Key


   1: select LTRIM(RTRIM(columnOne)) from table1

select into

   1: SELECT Persons.LastName,Orders.OrderNo

   2: INTO Backup

   3: FROM Persons

   4: INNER JOIN Orders

   5: ON Persons.P_Id=Orders.P_Id

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how to run a VS 2010 web test from command line

you need to have installed VS 2010 go in the VS 2010 prompt and run:

mstest /TestContainer:WebTest1.webtest

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WebUi test with powerShell

As you already know, I am a fan of WebUI test… some time you do not have a test framework and you need to run your test in the powerShell context…

this article will explain how to do it Smile

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Real-Time App Performance Analytics

I found an extremely cool product to monitor performances of your application…

no matter about your technology, this product will understand what your software is doing and is monitoring performance in real time giving some cool chart to find easily your bottle necks.

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A cool tool for automatic mapping of classes specially useful to map entity and Models and so on…

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Image servers and CDN

When it comes to image servers, you can choose between few ones….

these are the most popular CDN:

Scene7 (Adobe)

my pick is on Amazon considering performances, price & flexibility…

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Site Definition Project on Visual Studio 2010

it is really cool, and I’ll tell you more, it works….

site definition project, allow to create and deploy a site definition project without any add inn (WSP builder) , manual copy and prompt command…..just add your stuffs, specify deploy paths and click on deploy!

Visual Studio will make the wsp for you and deploy on the server that you specified!

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