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Source Control on Mercurial

There are several tools available for Mercurial…

On my last project we have decided to migrate to Mercurial from TFS and we are enjoying the following technologies stack:

Mercurial – Bitbucket– Jira – TeamCity

How can you do all of this???

Jira with the agile plugin is an excellent tool to run an Agile project, and you can integrate it fairly easily with Mercurial…

TeamCity can be also integrated fairly easily with Mercurial to keep under control build and deployment processes

Bitbucket is the connector to see your Mercurial repository “onLine”

as useful tools, I would also recommend TortoiseHG and VisualHG and Jira Connector for VS

these are few command to remember in the everyday life using mercurial…

How to switch Branch: HG update "default"

TFS CheckIn
hg push 

TFS get latest
hg pull 

after pull sometime hg up o hg update

hg merge to mix changes after a pull

how to download an existing repository from bitbucket
hg clone

hg branches